A harmonious team works, but we wanted more.This is why we have created an harmoniously orchestrated team.
Harmony delivers consistency and is the basis for our continuous search to satisfy our customers and to pursue excellence in everything we do.



Aiming for excellence, exceeding expectations and ignoring the ways that don’t allow us to evolve and innovate, is our target.

The study of powerful, reliable and long-lasting configurations is our daily exercise.

The development of high performing and harmonious solutions is our challenge.


Engineers, designers, production and cutting-edge tools work together to develop the optimal configuration of cooling systems with the highest possible performance.

We believe in involvement and custom solutions. That’s why here VEMA industries the customer becomes integrated part of the team.


Every day we do our best to create products that are customised to the specific requirements of our customers.

We believe that the customer does not have to adapt to the product, that’s why in VEMA industries we have chosen the opposite direction, more creative and more rewarding, to design and build a customised cooler.

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